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Managed Solutions

We look after your network so you can get on with running your company. We take away all the worries and frustrations that have become part and parcel of a computer network. For a retainer monthly investment, we take on the tasks and risks of managing your network.

Internet access

VPN services


Hosted PBX

Managed Services is for NPO, NGO

Of all the organization types, NPO, NGO organizations are in the most need to control spending while getting the most out of their technology. NPO, NGO organizations need to be allowed to spend their time and energy doing what they do best - helping our community - not worrying about what to install, how to install and how much it is going to cost to fix it.

Managed Services is for Business

Businesses of every size have a desire to control costs while still growing and moving their business forward. Technology has become an essential part of everyday business life, but it can be costly and difficult to control. Managed Services removes the money worries and leaves the technology to drive your business forward.

Managed Services is for Education

Schools are especially vulnerable to network crashes and huge $ blowouts. If your school relies on your computer network to teach your students, then you should definitely consider Managed Services. Many schools have already taken on Managed Services and are enjoying the freedom to get back to teaching!

Proactive management

We understand why your critical business services are so important to your daily operations. This is why we spend so much time aligning our technology to support your initiatives. Building a program that relies on 24x7 network monitoring coupled with an aggressive preventative maintenance component ensures optimum uptime for your business.